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We are surrounded by wiring, as well as radiation from radio, TV, Wifi, phones.  This can cause electro-stress.

The 4 Types Of EMFs You Need To Worry About

I thought about calling these "The 4 Horsemen Of EMF Danger" or something fancier... but it just didn’t sound right.

The rst lesson here is that talking about "the dangers of EMFs" makes no sense — because it doesn’t tell us which EMF we’re talking about... gamma rays, x-rays, light, microwaves, or low level magnetic elds? The confusion is real.

Throughout this guide, I’ll talk about the 4 speci c types of EMFs that have been linked with adverse health effects4 — Radio Frequency (RF), Magnetic Fields (MF), Electric Fields (EF) and Dirty Electricity (DE).

Radio Frequency Magnetic Fields Electric Fields Dirty Electricity (RF) (MF) (EF) (DE)

Look for these icons throughout the guide — they’ll identify which type of EMF I’m talking about.

If you hired an EMF mitigation expert like a Certi ed Building Biologist5 — these are the 4 main types of EMFs they would measure and try to reduce inside your house in order to make it a healthy, healing environment where you sleep like a baby and thrive.

(from 'The non-tinfoill guid to EMF')

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