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Healing your Home

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Our mission is to give you a Healthy Living Space that sustains your health and well-being and that supports the life of our planet.

In order to remain strong and well-balanced, we need healthy places and spaces to work, create, rest and recover. Do you -

  • Need a Health-Check for your home, workplace or land?
  • Intend to build, to move, or to renovate, to create a healthier home?
  • Have a need for products to enhance the health of your environment?

For advice, project management or home/property/office consultation, we are here to help.  Our approach is holistic.  We investigate your whole living environment, not just one aspect, like electro-pollution. 

Supporting our clients since 1993.

                                                                Joachim Herrmann

M.Sc.Biology, Dip.Ed., certified Buildingbiology Consultant IBN

Member of Australian Institute of Building Biology, and IBN

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Home Consultation

A healthy home is characterised by -

  • Low electro-magnetic radiation from household appliances.
  • Low electro-magnetic radiation from interior and exterior wiring.
  • Non-toxic building materials, furniture and furnishings.
  • Pure air, free of irritants and toxins.
  • Harmonious arrangement of furniture in consideration of Earth energies.
  • It feels good!

These factors are even more crucial in our bedrooms, where we spend much of our time resting and regenerating.

To feel healthy, unstressed and relaxed, we depend on a highly supportive environment.

A healthy home is one fundamental condition for a harmonious and healthy family life.

A consultation by a qualified Building Biologist can ascertain potential health hazards in your home environment and make suggestions for improvement.

Changes can often be made quite easily, and a range of specialised subcontractors can be employed to perform renovation or building tasks, if necessary.

If you intend to build a new home: Let me help you to get it right. You and your family deserve a healthy living space!

What better way to make an investment for the future?

Key Benefits

  •  A healthy family environment
  •  Peace of mind
  •  Less allergies and other chronic conditions


        $448     for a consultation, including up to 3 hours on site and thorough written report.

           $ 77     every extra hour

           $ 22     per hour of driving to your site and back