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Award Winning 9 Star Strawbale Homes

What makes us different to other sustainable builders?  The materials we use are natural, they’re not man-made ‘eco’ products. When ‘eco’ materials are made they can often be sourced from overseas and include glues and chemicals. Real sustainable homes are organic, they use less carbon than man-made processed materials and have incredible qualities such as they regulate the temperature and humidity inside your home and purify the air.

Natural materials we use include: Light straw, rammed earth, cob, poured earth, wattle and daub, earthen floors, green roofs, stone, mud brick,hempcrete, pressed earth bricks, clay renders, lime renders, gypsum renders, recycled materials and timber (traditional timber frames, reclaimed, local, sustainable, FSC), to name a few. Whichever natural materials are the most energy efficient (using thermal mass and insulation for maximum benefit), and the ones you like we’ll use. Most other builders want to cover the world in the product they personally prefer. As long as it’s natural, energy efficient and meets your budget, we’ll work with it.