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You have reached the right place for informative, innovative health-related books on a wide variety of topics.

Not only is this the website for health-related books in printed form but you will also find e-book versions available for purchase. Please peruse the sections on HTP books and e-books, as well as other books from various authors on related subjects.

Author Harald W. Tietze, has so far written over 30 health books. He has lectured in all continents, visiting 58 countries. His work is translated into over 30 languages.

In our times, simple health aids are often designed to be complicated to make it impossible for the average person to produce them for their own use. Harald W. Tietze in his writings tells how to Make it yourself and help yourself to better health.

Health must be available and affordable for EVERYONE.

Harald's books such as his Kombucha book demonstrates how simple it is to make your own PROBIOTICS health drink. Or make your own Colloidal Silver, what some believe to be the First Super Antibiotic, or make your own Ionised Alkaline Water which may help to slow Aging and Age Related Diseases and to alakalise your body.

Harald Tietze's book series "Health For All" are updates and feedback to the published books and Self-help health news from countries world wide. "Health For All" is independent. It is not financed by advertising. In our times it is very important and difficult to look behind the curtain of clever advertising. With all this mind manipulation we have to start to learn to think for ourselves. Through this website, we aim to offer access to details of our range of literature and products to enable you to start this incredible journey. New ideas are only a "click away".

Only you yourself can make you healthy and happy - The power of healing is in our hands, in your hands...


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