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jenny bromberger



I am an integrative doctor based in Sydney and a lover of the arts.

Integrative doctors

 are all medical school trained General Practitioners. We have chosen to extend our study in order to integrate all the body systems and be more agile in uncovering the reasons for symptoms. Integrative doctors focus on nutrition, gut health and optimising trace elements because nutrition is the foundation of our health. Integrative doctors  use prescription medicine, but if there is an 

alternative, natural option

 it is preferred. We commonly deal with autoimmune disease, such as thyroid disease where we use different kinds of thyroid supplements to optimise function, and have approaches to chronic fatigue, adrenal hypofunction and even mental health problems.

We also prefer to prescribe bio-identical hormones rather than synthetic when supplementation is required, and utilised dedicated compounding pharmacies for this purpose. The importance of nutrition and gut health is the focus in every health issue that we treat.