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Creating a healthy environment, with low EMF/EMR exposure, reducing chemical and biotoxin/mould exposure, reducing particulates and allergens as well as and contaminant free drinking water is critical for a thriving, healthy individual or family. 

Offering a wide range of residential and commercial services.

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Geo Harmony

So what is geopathic stress?

"Geo" meaning Earth and "pathy" meaning suffering or disease. In short geopathic stress is the suffering or disease of the Earth. It is a general term used for a variety of energies emanating from the Earth that may cause discomfort and/or ill health to human beings, animals and plants. Geopathic stress occurs when the Earth's electromagnetic field becomes distorted. This can occur due to a number of reasons both natural and manmade, such as:

  • Underground water streams
  • Fissures and cracks
  • Mining /fracking
  • Major pipework
  • Scenes of trauma
  • Digging for a pool
  • Fallen trees
  • and much much more.

Spending prolonged time above areas of geopathic stress, such as having your bed, work chair, or living room couch on these lines can have a negative impact of your life and health. Most geopathic stress lines are around 1.2 meters in width.


  • Geological faults
  • Geo-magnetic lines
  • Ley Lines
  • Nexus points
  • Underground water lines
  • Negative psychic impressions
  • Hartman and curry grids

As part of a geobiology audit additional processes such as blessings, sending high vibrational energy through the omphalos of the site and the locating of various energy points that can increase the vibrancy of the occupants life are located.

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