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A helpful, empowering guide of all that is Buildingbiology and healthy living environments.  This little book is focused on practical tips and solutions, with great resources included.

Home is a special place to all of us, where we are most human and individual. Our home can have a powerful effect on the kind of life we lead. It can improve our health, wellbeing, creativity, and even our relationships. 

This little book will help you to create the best possible living environment for yourself, your family and your workplace.

All the elements of a healthy home will be explored, including air quality, cleaning, mould, pests, electro-pollution, renovating, and the arrangement of spaces and energy flow in your home. You’ll find tips and action plans you can create at the end of every chapter, to empower you to take your first steps to a healthy, nurturing home.

Joachim Herrmann is one of the pioneers of Buildingbiology in Australia. Since 1992, he has helped many individuals, families and businesses to live better lives in their homes and workplaces. He has also created the Healthy House Australia certification, to give peace of mind to anyone wanting to build or buy a healthy home according to the international Buildingbiological Measuring Standard (IBN).

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